Friday, 15 July 2011

Back to the future

Hello,  I  am visting my blog updateing myself on what i thinks being happening in this life. I still love the Nothing,  and her most excellent book ULTIMATE TWIST. Thoughts of booking a vist to go see at Hebdun Bridge WOULD like to ask about Goldfish picture, family looking back at camera. Did you suggest washing up rota?
 Mr Sayers has found what he thought he had forgotton.
I have bought his magic tree T.shirt. Support the ART.
I went to see T.P.   and fell asleep. Nice sunny day in Hampstead
Ruthless truth
Headless way
Paul Hedderman
Walking the dogs
So keep looking for nothing out of nothing.
how many fools does it take to change a  light bulb?
This is Unimaginable and Unavoidable good book to read on a plane.
Helan Bonham Carter to play Lucy. Colin Firth to play husband, Terance Stamp to play Shrink Tim Burton to direct. Music on credits Twisting the night away.
Enjoy foolishness.


Saturday, 12 June 2010


To family and friends.Yes I was in a cult following a boy Guru who promised to show me God face to face. Declared he would establish world peace when he was a little boy.
So sorry for all the bullshit I gave you and the pain and anger you felt at the dream I presented. Life go's on and the best thing now is I dont know how? Thats why this blog is called April Fool, still watching, admitting not knowing but enjoying, going with the flow. Love to Family and Friends.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

once upon a time

there was a little boy who pointed at the Emperor and said you have no clothes!
what happened when this little boy grew up?
Last Saturday i caught the night bus to London,we would have ashort stop in Middlesborough to pick up some more passengers then on to Victoria.
this was to be the third time trip on the bus to London. Off to see the wizard the wonderful wizard of hamstead and where my feet decided to carry me.
On my first vist got lost in Hamstead and ended up in a harry enfield comedy sketch in acoffee shop being sold coffee by a beautiful Polish girl, then a walk around Camden market in the early morning sunshine.
On this visit the coach got into London at around 5.30 am an hour early. So i went for a walk saw big ben go bong then the house of pee then walked over Westminster bridge, kinks Waterloo sunset playing in my head Down some steps then down some steps to find some new music in my head, the south bank show.Lots of joggers all ages, looked at the London eye then continued on past group of trendy shops a prize winning pie shop thoughts of Sweeney, made a smile.
So now i get to Tate mod, and walking bridge St Paul's across the t, Tate mod big like an art factory it be shut so decide to cross bridge in search of religious XP

Lots of cameras taking memories home to relatives and friends. $12.50 English to get in main part to see where princesses get married and crowns fitted and the great and the good get buried. As i am a miser decide to have look at cafe downs stairs and use the throne built for my convienace.
Big Art at the Tate large canvasses i saw a old iron with tacks glued to it atable with kitchen tools electrified all shiny and deadly, then had a cup of tea,phoned the Mrs to let her know still alive and not robbed and when i would be back.

My feet hurt cheap footwear now have blisters, so get bus to station then tube to ham stead make my way up the hill and round the back of Quakers for a sit down for arest and let some cool air get on my feet. pay a thousand Penny's find a seat look at the flower arrangement glass of water on table look at others in room mostly middle aged and not to shabby looking.

Tony Parsons appears and beGins to speak, i sit back and relax feel like i am in a non bullshit zone. Its like watching ghosts trying to make sense of their deaths questions are answered and sometimes i
think i understand and then i don't think understand. me not me, have coffee, served by hope you die soon. outside with smokers look at trees and vote liberal in poster window. Then back to more talk about nothing questions answers 5 o'clock time to go home.
So here i am in nondualiy stew, i like the awareness storytellers on the Internet the ones who like to hear the sound of the one hand clapping.
A muse has advised continue with the blogging even if i feel afool so cheers, and carry on.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Saving up for another trip.

Feel like going to see Tony Parsons again this would be the third time. if I resonate,like a human tuning fork.My ego might dissolve this is good/bad who decides. I went to see Jac Okeeffe at Blackrock in Dublin, ( God Bless Ryanair)or not, Good days at Blackrock nice to see her in person. Waiting for train back, laughed at seeking.Do you know you have no head just this awareness that follows your body around. Eyes open universe appears. Hello Suzanne this blog writing is not as easy as it looks, enjoy your productions and video clips The John Denver anima was very sweet. This bloke who invented the ego, what did we have befor?

Friday, 2 April 2010

messaga to suzanne

Thanks for the invitation to share your musings regarding awarenss passing,and not.
The comments are interesting.